Easy and safe access to bathing in an important part of living well. Since most homes have bathtubs, sometimes the first step to creating a safer bathing experience is by adding grab bars or seating options. Find solutions for ADA commercial projects as well with our ADA Tub/shower kits.

Ada Tub Shower

Tub Showers for
ADA Compliance

Freedom ADA Bathtubs are designed to meet code requirements for the projects that need safe, accessible bathing. Senior Living or Student Living and other community housing projects have used Freedom ADA Tubs.

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Bath Seat

ADA Bathtub Bench Seats

Quite often the first stage of creating a safe bathing experience at home is to find solutions that work with what you have. Adding a Freedom Bath Seat to your bathtub is a great solution until you need or want more long-term solutions.

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Walk in bathtub

Add Support and Style
with Freedom Grab Bars

Any bathroom can instantly be made safer for all bathers by adding grab bars in strategic places. Shop our wide selection of Freedom Grab Bars to make your bathroom safer, but also more beautiful with our line of designer and integrated safety bars.

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“Last year, I fell trying to get into my tub. I was lucky I didn’t seriously injure myself, but it was very scary. My kids were concerned for me, living on my own, but I didn’t want to leave the home I’ve lived in for over 40 years. While I was looking into my options, I called Accessibility Professionals and asked a lot of questions about your Freedom Bathtubs.

The girl I spoke with was very helpful and patient. Finally, I had a new walk in tub installed a couple of months ago. Now I look forward to having a relaxing soak in the tub. I’m not afraid to get in or out, and my kids feel much better knowing I’m no longer at risk of falling getting into my tub. And the jets make me feel like I’m at the spa every time I have a bath. I’m so glad I found your company.”

Charlotte J. CT



Freedom Solutions for safe Bathing

Reduce the Risk of Falls

Accessibility Professionals is proud to include Freedom Bathtubs in our Freedom product line, along with Freedom Showers and Freedom Lift Systems, to provide a range of accessibility products that help create safe spaces and homes.

Reduce the risk of falls by adding grab bars and seat options in your bathtub.

Freedom products help people with all abilities and ages stay living independently in their own homes and living fulfilling lives. Everyone deserves to age gracefully and with dignity and that should always start in your own home.

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